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We are a specialist web design and web Development Company with the focus and expertise to translate your business objectives into a successful web solution.  Although we have developed structured methodologies for all aspects of our business, we are driven by a desire to break down the stereotypes of unreliable, uncommunicative, and reclusive web designers/developers. We prefer to get on the phone or meet in person than waste time in endless email communication. While we love the web and technology, we also love working with people and making our clients’ businesses perform better.

At the end of the day, our job is to make the web work for your business or organisation and that’s what we do - we help you seize the web. Flowing from these ideals is a very strong commitment to customer service - we go to extraordinary lengths at times. However, at INS, the customer is not always right. We will often suggest simpler or less expensive solutions to our clients because it is what their business needs, not the solution they think they want.
We believe by ensuring our team members are always challenged and able to work on projects they have a passion for, our clients in turn receive better service. A high-level philosophy held throughout INS is to help people wherever we have the opportunity. That may be in the form of ensuring our team members do what they love, or our clients receive the best possible solution and customer service - or directly assisting community organisations.
INS holds integrity and honesty high in all its business dealings. We will only propose solutions to our clients that are best for them, not our sales targets. If we believe our potential client has been proposed a better solution than ours by a competitor, we happily recommend they take on our competitor. We are solutions not sales focused.
About us
Unlike many providers, we don't charge admin fees when you transfer domain names to us. For some domains you may need to buy a year's registration due to Registry requirements, but we'll add this onto your current registration period automatically.

Call us and we'll help you through the process.
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